Top Gambling Domains Sales

Check the top gambling domains sales of all times for betting, casino, poker, sports, and gaming domains. Find out which are the most expensive gambling domains and the price paid to acquire them. Before investing in premium domains, it's important to understand what makes them valuable. Some of the metrics used to estimate the value of a domain name include the number of keyword searches per month, direct visitors to the domain, branding potential, the domain's age and length, advertiser competition and market availability. If you are planning to buy gambling domains it's better to choose short and brandable domains with good keywords which are easy to advertise.

The table below shows the most expensive gambling domains. It is separated into three categories: sportsbetting, casino & poker and gambling domains. Sales in other currencies were converted to $US using the exchange rate of the day the sale was made public. Most of the sales published on this table are recent but many other high-dollar transactions go unreported, a good example is that changed hands recently for an undisclosed amount. If you click on any domain you will find more information about the sale including ownership information and the sales venue.

Top Sportsbetting Domain SalesTop Casino & Poker Domain SalesTop Gambling Domain Sales
Domain NameSold PriceDate Domain NameSold PriceDate Domain NameSold PriceDate$1,350,0002013$5,500,0002003$5,500,0002010$450,0002007$1,000,0002010$2,500,0002011$150,0002015$957,9372007$1,180,0002007$129,8002007$625,0602008$1,100,0001999$101,0002007$400,0002010$1,000,0002008$99,0002006$400,0002017$800,0002005$75,0002006$232,0002015$675,0002009$65,0002015$201,2502017$500,0002012$60,0002006$165,0002009$460,0002003$60,0002010$160,0002011$300,0002006$55,3922015$150,0002007$298,0002007$52,5002008$144,9002012$225,0002008$51,0002007$136,0302007$221,1002013$50,7502005$135,0002009$220,0002010$50,0002017$110,0002011$206,9062010$50,0002017$100,0002011$165,0002007$50,0002014$100,0002011$165,0002009$48,0002017$85,1502012$118,0002012$45,0002012$84,5002012$100,0002014$44,0002016$80,0002005$100,0002015$43,7502014$75,0002011$91,3312008$42,3002011$60,0002007$91,2502006$42,0002010$55,8292008$88,0002016$41,0002007$52,0002007$81,6182007$37,5002008$50,6002009$80,0002008